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6 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. The spelling of Ordance to Ordnance is required on the graphic RH sidebar link.

    Can the volume of the sound clips be increased? I am using a tablet on full volume with ear buds but the volume is too low

    Peter E Hamlin

    • Hi Peter

      Thanks for spotting the text error, just updating it now.

      I’ll check the volume settings in the admin section to see if we can improve the volume for you.

      Kind regards

  2. Hello Kar,

    Thanks. My particular interest is in Scout Dyke (aka Wortley) .

    I shall try the audios again tomorrow. I live in Thailand so the time difference is sigificant.



  3. Thanks Carl, that’s much better. I just sampled the first two tracks and although it requires full volume on my tab the level is just right.



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