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Langsett & Midhope launch

The Project

The Langsett and Midhope at War Project in the beginning How did it all start? In the pub of course. Three members of Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team and a local…

Langsett and Midhope

Wind over Langsett

Wind over Langsett So much is known by the wind that scours the moors, exposes stones, buried bones, grey heather roots in blackened peat, half-hidden high explosive quietly rusting; so…

Memories of an Evacuee

Memories of an Evacuee 1939-1945

Now that I am reaching more senior years, I think of the past with joy and tears. The innocent years of carefree play, with barrows, hoops and bales of hay….

Call the Police or the Mountain Rescue Team if you see Unexploded Ordnance

Langsett at War Walk | Sunday 10th August 2014

Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team and the Peak District National Park Ranger Service are hosting a walk around the Langsett area on Sunday 10th August to visit the numerous evidence left behind…

D Day Newspapers Birmingham Evening Dispatch Header

D Day Newspapers

D Day Newspapers | Birmingham Evening Dispatch Tuesday the 6th of June 1944 D Day Newspapers | Evening Standard Tuesday the 6th of June 1944 D Day Newspapers |  The German Metzer…

Signage Installation

Langsett at War Signage

The Heritage Lottery Funded signage is now installed around the Langsett Reservoir. Thanks to the Langsett at War team and Woodhead Mountain Rescue team for installing them over a busy…

Langsett-at-War-Open-Day-2014_Header 2

Open Day 2014 at Langsett Barn

For the third year running, Langsett & Midhope at War will be holding an Open Day for people to catch-up on what’s happened on the project and bring along any…

Alice Milnes at Manor Farm Header

Alice and the Bomb

Recollections of Mrs Alice Milnes …then Mrs Alice Badger, of Manor Farm, Upper Midhope as recorded by Cecil Hallas Manor Farm had experienced many unexpected happenings since its history began…

Langsett at War on the BBC

War on Langsett Moors : BBC

On the trail of Britain’s WWII ‘explosive’ beauty spots Our own Milo Milinkovic spoke to David McKenna from the BBC [Extract] “They’ve been there 70 years plus, so they’ve eroded…

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Churchill’s Langsett Letter

On the 16th of June 1943, Sir Winston Churchill issued a Top Secret letter from the War Cabinet to the Secretary of State for Air and the Minister of Home…