Gaynor Smith

Gaynor Smith recollects her father who was an engineer who erected Catenary Defences

Jeff Kaye

Recollections of Langsett in the war years by Jeff Kaye from Upper Midhope

Betty Walker

Recollections of Langsett in the war years from Betty Walker

Julia Tomson

Recollections of Langsett in the war years from Julia Tomson

Maureen Armes

Recollections of Langsett in the war years from Maureen Armes

Graham Hoyland

Recollections of Langsett in the war years from Graham Hoyland

Cecil Hallas

Cecil Hallas gives his recollections of the 1939-1945, especially the Americans who came to the area during those times

Clifford Mate

Clifford Mate from Raynor House recalls his memories from the War years in the local area

Richard Brownhill

Probably one of the most poignant recordings of the entire audio collection, as Richard recalls his memories working at David Browns from his hospital bed in Sheffield.

Roy Spencley

Roy Spencley who lived at High Lea Farm in Penistone all his life gives an account of the Canadian and American troops in the area during the war, as well a plane crash he witnessed in the nearby farm fields.

Pam Jackson

Pam Jackson gives a truly insightful recollection of her father; Sgt Wilfred Ibbotson, who was a rear gunner in 617 Squadron which later became the The Dam Busters Squadron and took part in that iconic raid.

Gladys Turner

Gladys Turner of Millhouse Green recalls her time of Langsett at War when she was only 15 years old at the onset.

Naomi Harris

Naomi Harris who’s parents moved to Penistone in 1935 with her twin sister when they were 3 years old recalls the onset and impact of war in the local area.

Tony & Vera House

Anthony Arthur House and his wife Vera give a delightful account of their relationship and working life during the war effort.

Alice May Watts

Recording used by the kind permission of Mr. Peter Moody and the Penistone History Group

Susan Howe

Susan Hyson-Howe’s recollections of her parents who lived in the Nissen Huts which were part of the Military camp at Upper Midhope

Jean Walker

Jean who was only 7 years old at the start of the war whilst living with her parents in Lower Hurst Burleycarr, she recalls what life was like for young girl in the area.

Joan Kirbyshaw

Joan Kirbyshaw recalls her days living in the Village of Upper Midhope in the Reservoir House with her younger sister Betty and her mother and father (Langsett Reservoir Superintendent)

John Bunting

Ramblers vice president John Bunting who has since recording this has sadly passed away at the age of 95.

Ramon Higgins

Ramon Higgins who lived at the Stanley cottages opposite The Waggon & Horses Inn, (often referred to as “Billy Green’s as Ramon does) recalls the war years farming in Langsett Village

Willis Watts

Local farmer Willis Watts recals farming during the war years.

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